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Tom Bullock
Tom Bullock

That’s right, at a time when a Black man could hardly walk into a “white” bar, I was the reigning king. I was not only allowed IN the bar, but people came to the bar FOR me – in order to sample my cocktails, shake my hand, and get me to sign my book for them. (Actually, I was the first Black American to publish a cocktail recipe book.)


In 1917, I published “The Ideal Bartender,” one of the most influential cocktail recipe books of all time.

I realized a few things behind the bar:
1. Superb cocktails inspire all types of people to congregate. 
2. Being a true Tastemaker is about breaking down preconceived ideas, and bringing new flavors together.
3. The same is true for bringing people together.

In the 1910s, I was one of the world’s most influential bartenders, tending bar at the prestigious St. Louis Country Club, wowing fans - including presidents - with my signature cocktails. Some people even say that I “wrote the book” on cocktail recipes.  (And that’s not far from the truth.)

Tom Bullock
burnt orange bourbon
BUILDING ON MY PREDILECTION (and my fame) for accenting bourbon cocktails with orange peels set aflame, I have crafted a bourbon like no other: smooth, 4 years old, bottled in Kentucky and kissed with the sweet, smoky, caramelized grace of burnt orange rind.
JUST ADD a touch of sugar and Angostura Bitters.
Tom Bullock
old tom gin
sugar cube
So, making my SIGNATURE COCKTAIL could not BE SIMPLER.  All you need is a dash of sugar and a squeeze of lime.
AS PROOF OF MY IMPECCABLE TASTE, my Old Tom Gin is imported from a two-centuries-old London distiller. And, in keeping with my reputation for creating distinctive cocktails with exotic fruit, my gin is delicately infused with the peel of a curious Chinese citrus called “Sweet Lime.”